Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A little make over...

When I first got married my master bedroom got all my attention. I really tried to create an environment fit for a magazine...however, 11 years have past and four children have entered the mix and the master bedroom has not changed! So I thought with all these fabulous blogs around me sharing their makeovers and craftiness, I would attempt to update my room and bring some life to it! It is going to be a long process, but I thought I would share the is the before picture. (Color scheme red/green/browns). 

This is the right wall which I never had done anything with it...never could figure out what to do...

So with my new color scheme (the ever popular yellow& gray) and an array of other colors, I began the journey of a little make over!

I was first inspired by this powder room make over on my dear friend's page How Sweet It Is. Love it all...the sign and all the strips and color of I attempted to make a much larger version of the sign. I found a larger version here...from Young and Crafty Key word here YOUNG! This project was very complicated!!! But I pushed through it and somehow got a sign to hang over my bed...DIFFICULT! 

How to Make Pallet Wall Art {wall decor}

First I got some pallets from my friends...tore them apart, which is REALLY hard to do, but I spent a sweltering hot day hammering it to pieces.

My pallets weren't lining up as nicely as the inspiration picture so my husband thought it wiser to go purchase some fence boards and 2x4's to secure it on...I said okay...$60.00 later!..I had 9 fence boards and 2 2x4's which by the way are to heavy to hang so we secured everything on a couple of the pallet pieces I took apart...hard work did not go to total waste!
Tried hammering the boards with small white nails, it didn't work too well,
The boards would pull apart...
Even though my hubby taught me how to hammer nail in one hit!
So we then decided to screw boards in with thick obnoxious screws!!! 
Then I went outside to paint...hate having to paint in the hot!
Some paint got on grass but it will be cut! LOL
Let the paint dry overnight inside and the next day I was able to paint my love on it! Decided to be a little different and trace my favorite sculpture onto the from my computer I projected it onto the boards to being tracing it. 

Began painting...

And eventually hung it...of course some boards still popped off, so my hubby had to screw in longer screws!!!! Oh dear...I told you this project was difficult!!!! We then bought a frame hanging kit and screwed in hooks and wire to hang...

Hubby found the stud in the wall and after a week of this we hung it up above our bed...

More to come on my white shelving unit I found for the end of the bed...I only paid 20 dollars for that! And my lamps I painted yellow, which I will share that after I do something creative to the lamp shades!!! 
Stay tuned....

Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday to my little firecracker! He's 6 today and is the sweetest boy I know!!!
We love America!