Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cinderella Cinderella!

Recently Santa brought the movie Cinderella to my youngest Miss Zoe Anna. We have watched it a couple of times and I have a rekindled love for this character and a strong dislike for the Step mom and sissies. But if we can look beyond those step characters, I feel like Cinderella EVERYDAY!!!! Although our commands come from sweeter faces and our name has been changed to mom, I still feel overwhelmed at the tasks we complete on a daily basis. Get the girls ready, do their hair, and now my daughters have to get their American Girl Dolls ready every morning too! I did not adopt two more children...thanks Santa! And tie shoes, help with breakfast, remind my kids to clean up breakfast-but somehow I am still cleaning up after a few...hmmm how did that happen? Sweep the floors, clean the bathrooms, help kids do their laundry, wipe down counters, clean up and organize Christmas, put away my own clothes and the hub's, make my bed, yell at my kids to make their beds for the 5th time, vacuum again, unclog my cheap-%$^# vacuum, again! The lists goes on and on, and I am sure it might be longer and a little different for each of you moms out there, and maybe for you dads too! Who knows...all I know is at the end of the day I am as pooped as Cinderella, but so much more loved by my family. It's exhausting, I'm exhausted, but I wanted to remind all of you it's okay if it doesn't get done, and if it did get all done, congrats! You're amazing! We all are! "Mom!!!!!!"......gotta run, need to assemble a Cinderella bike for Zoe tonight. I'm going to pretend she's calling Cinderella, it makes me feel prettier! Good night!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


The emotion captured in this picture goes so much deeper then one can see. For one my sister will probably get mad that I posted a picture of her crying, but I feel she is so beautiful and raw in this moment that she might forgive me; for the story behind this moment is worth sharing. These two women you see here have a love story that stands the test of time. 37 years ago my sister made my mom the happiest mom in the world. So happy, she was actually able to get pregnant after 10 years of trying. And my mom gave my sister a home full of love and created a young lady that loves like no other person I have met and gives like Jesus did. And on this Christmas Eve day when we went to visit mom like we always do, sissy played some piano and brought life into this now empty, but oh so clean house. Mom sat next to her listening, but not showing any emotion. Then sissy played These are a Few of my Favorite Things, a song we all know very well. It was the only movie my mother let us watch, The Sound of Music. And when sissy played this song my mother's foot began to tap to the beat and she started to sway side to side. And although there wasn't a smile on her face, we knew she was enjoying this song. And we both began to cry, but sissy kept playing and mom kept swaying and tapping. Tapping to the memory of singing this song with her girls; of dancing along with Julie Andrews and her kids. This disease has taken away those memories and all she was able to do, but they are still in there, hidden behind this terrible malady. And when we are able to reach them and see her recollection our hearts are broken and we are brought to our knees in sadness that we have come so far. I love my sister's love for mom and those brief moments when we feel our mother's love. Merry Christmas...I pray you all tap to the memories you are making today.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Card 2012

Well here it is...our annual Christmas card! I love sending them out every year and I LOVE receiving so many from my friends! My cabinets and pantry door are completely covered with all of our dear friends! I always hate to take them down. Kelli Munro took our pictures and Cori Friesen did our cards, Merry Christmas everyone!


Merry Christmas. When these words are shared everyone has a different meaning they internalize and memories that go along with it. Some are happy memories, some might be angry, offensive, traditions, and or laughter. When I hear those words, I first remember how Jesus Christ came to save us, born in a manger. Then I think about all the things I need to get done between now and the 24th of December. I am sure all of your lists are as long as one can imagine. All of us mommies are "busy" with Elf on the Shelf, Presents, decorations, parties, and keeping the magic alive. And don't forget those blasted pictures with Santa! We finally went and got that done yesterday with 8, yes 8 children! One being only 10 weeks old! Some would say how ever did you do this? While others who have been there done that, look at you with pride because they know what you just accomplished! But here it is, our 2012 picture with our 8 children. My sister's two, our Anna's two, and my four, yes I provided half, and what a moment that was. Loukas asked Santa if he could pull his beard, and he did; Zoe shared the famous line from The Elf movie when Buddy told the pretend Santa that he smells like beef and cheese! And yes we waited for almost an hour just to sit in his sleigh. These are the minutes, the precious minutes that simply escape us. The minute of the smiles and magical looks on their faces that so quickly we miss. The minutes of all three of us hiding behind the two strollers so that Aleko won't cry.  The minute we had them anything just to get a smile out of them so we can capture this minute forever. This is it is! It's the magic we as adults try to hold on to but simply can't. It seems like only yesterday this is what our Santa pictures looked like...
 I wouldn't trade my minutes for the world. Embrace your quickly as they come, they go. Merry Christmas

Monday, December 3, 2012


Walking through the halls of church this morning with Christmas all around us, reminded me of when I would walk these halls with my mom and dad. My mom always wanted to stop at the coffee carts and get her cup of coffee and see who she could talk to about the day. She would begin wearing her Christmas sweaters and long black skirts with her black boots. They always had a little heal, she never liked to wear flats. She'd smile big the whole way we walked and everyone knew Stella. Everyone would stop her and compliment her style and tell her what a wonderful hostess she was at the last party. Everyone would wave "hi" and everyone would want to stop her and talk about the boutique and how they were planning on decorating the church. And then it hits me, I'm walking these halls without my mom. She's not wearing her heals, she's home with my dad. No one from church ever visits her anymore, she sits alone with my dad, Effie, and her very devoted best friend Popi. Sissy and I always come by and bring the kids. She sits in her home that her husband built many years agoand continues to improve. I now walk these halls with my boots on, with a heal, and my red sweater, not stopping at the coffee carts because I don't like their coffee, but saying "hi" to the few that I know and I think to myself, I don't like wearing flats much either.