Cinderella Cinderella!

Recently Santa brought the movie Cinderella to my youngest Miss Zoe Anna. We have watched it a couple of times and I have a rekindled love for this character and a strong dislike for the Step mom and sissies. But if we can look beyond those step characters, I feel like Cinderella EVERYDAY!!!! Although our commands come from sweeter faces and our name has been changed to mom, I still feel overwhelmed at the tasks we complete on a daily basis. Get the girls ready, do their hair, and now my daughters have to get their American Girl Dolls ready every morning too! I did not adopt two more children...thanks Santa! And tie shoes, help with breakfast, remind my kids to clean up breakfast-but somehow I am still cleaning up after a few...hmmm how did that happen? Sweep the floors, clean the bathrooms, help kids do their laundry, wipe down counters, clean up and organize Christmas, put away my own clothes and the hub's, make my bed, yell at my kids to make their beds for the 5th time, vacuum again, unclog my cheap-%$^# vacuum, again! The lists goes on and on, and I am sure it might be longer and a little different for each of you moms out there, and maybe for you dads too! Who knows...all I know is at the end of the day I am as pooped as Cinderella, but so much more loved by my family. It's exhausting, I'm exhausted, but I wanted to remind all of you it's okay if it doesn't get done, and if it did get all done, congrats! You're amazing! We all are! "Mom!!!!!!"......gotta run, need to assemble a Cinderella bike for Zoe tonight. I'm going to pretend she's calling Cinderella, it makes me feel prettier! Good night!


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