Sunday, September 25, 2011

Celebrating Stella

Wow...another week has flown by! I can barely catch my breath, let alone my voice! I seemed to have lost my voice this week and battling the cough...however, I had to post today about my mom. We were always brought up to make our beds and have a clean rooms before we left the house and started our day. And somehow I just remember our rooms being spotless! How my mom did that, I do not know because I am constantly yelling at my kids to pick up their rooms and make their beds! There is a picture of my sister and I  making our beds with a smile in our cute matching pajamas. I was six and sissy was seven. We always made our beds, no matter what. When my mom so graciously watched my kids when I worked full time as a teacher, I would leave my house at 6:45 and my bed would not always be made. When I would come home my bed was perfectly made and my house so clean. I miss those days when my mom would come by and just help me survive. She would fold my laundry, clean my house, always swept, and made my bed. I always make my bed now. And when I do I think of her and how perfectly she kept house. Hers and mine. I miss those moments of mommy help, they would make my day so much better! She loved her grand babies and watched mine every day 6:45am-4:00pm. Love you mom, you used to do so much and I am so thankful for that!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Celebrating Stella

So I haven't updated my blog since last Sunday...the week has not only carried us away, but it also carried me away from my computer. I don't think I did much on my computer since last week! Wow! Busy moms all around are nodding their heads as they read! But, I didn't want to stop my special celebration of my mom so tonight I stop my laundry folding, lunch preparations, outfit schedules for all kiddos, and cleaning up to take some time for my mom! She actually just left my house an hour ago. Both mom and dad stopped by with chocolate milk and bananas. Kids were thrilled. But I digress, there is an image implanted in my head and I wish I had a phone in my younger days to snap this image and post it for all to see. It's of my dad in his whitey tighteys early in the morning as all of us are getting ready for the day. Each in our own rooms dressing and getting our essentials together, my dad would walk out with black socks mid-calf, whitey tighteys-no so tightey and a dress shirt that my sister and I were responsible for ironing. "Girls", he would say in his heavy Greek accent, "Come, I show you how to iron a shirt properly!" And we would come and watch him put the iron in between the buttons of the shirt and along the shoulders. "This is how you do it! Learn the right way for your husbands!" We were in high school. All this to bring me to mom...she was in charge of the house. She got a pay check every two weeks from dad and she took care of the house, which included 30 dress shirts! My sister and I each had 10 and my mom the last ten. Needless to say I did not marry a man who wears dress shirts, my sister however did. She does not iron her hubby's shirts (sorry to throw you under the bus), but my mom did. My mom never laundered my dad's shirts. She would wash and we would press. She did everything-everything. And I see how she cannot do anything anymore and it saddens me to think she used to do EVERYTHING. I love you mom and think about all you have done and praise you! Go hug your moms!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Celebrating Stella

Engagement picture

Every Sunday night I plan to celebrate my mom. She has Alzheimer, as most of you know, and watching this disease slowly progress in this person who I remember as vibrant and so cheerful, breaks my heart in immeasurable ways. Instead of tears though, I was to celebrate who my mom was before this disease defined her. And so once a week, I am going to share with you the women Stella is in my eyes. I hope you celebrate her too, as I know if she knew what was going on right now she would be devastated. So tonight I was to celebrate a memory I so fondly hold on to of my mother.  My mom did many things as we grew up. But I always remember how well she took care of herself. Her hair was always done perfectly, make-up was essential, and the right clothes to hide your imperfections were an absolute necessity. She never wore shorts or short skirts because she always felt her legs were too skinny. She always stayed away from pale colors because she felt they made her look a little too pale. She had her colors done and she was warm fall colors and she stuck to them. She was always complimented wherever we went on how beautiful she looked. And to this day people will stop and ask how she is doing and say she was always so pretty! Once in an airport in Germany, a man stopped in front of use while walking to catch another plane and said "wow!" to my mother and went on his marry way. And now as this disease has taken away her ability to physically take care of herself in that way, my dad does her hair in the morning, bathes her like he is washing his own self, and dresses her with the right clothes in her "color". Her make-up is still done daily and she still is so beautiful. Love you mom...
My dedication

One of my favorite pics of mom...her pearls with her summer dress...we were probably going no where fancy, just groceries, planting, and dinner making!

Sissy's wedding time I think...

That is Athena in her arms...oh how she loved me having a little girl! She still has a soft spot for her Athena!
Celebrating my dad on his birthday! 
Planting trees in my yard and teaching Niko the ropes...yes she always does her chores dressed up!

She so loves her Athena...don't know where her bow was!
Niko's 3rd birthday...
Niko's third b-day...someone had to hold problem! Loukas...she used to get her nails done weekly and always red...a must!
4th of July with her girls! She LOVES her girls and they LOVE her!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Do you know her?

Do you know her? IF you don't you are truly missing out in life as we know it! This is my Sister. Not yours. Although many of you out there would consider her as close as one. But nevertheless, I have dibs on her and she  is MY sister. God gave me my sister. She was chosen out of so many. But God chose this one, many miles away in Greece on August 31st. Born to an unwed mother who hid her pregnancy from everyone. She could've aborted her, she could've easily told her parents and lived in sham, but she kept this little girl hidden for 9 months and when it came time to deliver, she asked not to hear her baby's cry because she knew she had not other choice but to give her up to someone who would give her a good life and love her in a way she was unable to at that time. So God saved her and gave her to me. Although OLDER than me, it's always been asked if I was the older one. But I digress, that's another blog moment. She is the "miracle" that brought me and my brother, my dad would say. We were always told that. My mom couldn't get pregnant for 10 years, but delivered a baby girl 13 months after sissy was brought into our lives. And thus began our sisterhood. Through years of sharing a room, to sometimes a bed where she would hold my hand and I would feel safe, to fights over borrowed clothes and tears over boys who hurt us, we were and still are inseparable. She helps me so much. She loves me so much. She has the biggest heart and would give you the shirt off her back, the shoes off her feet, and anything else you would need. There is no one like her, none. She is my best friend and I don't know what I would do without her. She may nag me about my house and the lack of organization it holds and that I need to keep working out and that I must do things a certain way (her way), but I love that. I love her. My parents really raised two sisters to love each other and know that blood isn't always thicker than water. She is my sister. The one I call to share good news, to complain, to seek counsel, to workout with, to split a bagel, to "revamp and reshape", to fight with, to laugh with, and to spend our family time together. If you don't know her, you are missing out. My life is so much richer because of her love for me and my children. Through every pregnancy, delivery, surgery, moment of change, she has been there for me. She comes and cleans my house, cleans and loves my babies as if her own. She organizes me, tells me what to do, and I do it because she is MY sister and she only wants the best for me. So even though it's a little late, I want to wish this beautiful creation of the Lord a very Happy Birthday. I love you sissy and I can't wait to see you again tomorrow! I love how we spend everyday together. Some may laugh, but it's such a gift to have you in my life. I love you...filakia!

I love my sissy!!!