Celebrating Stella

Wow...another week has flown by! I can barely catch my breath, let alone my voice! I seemed to have lost my voice this week and battling the cough...however, I had to post today about my mom. We were always brought up to make our beds and have a clean rooms before we left the house and started our day. And somehow I just remember our rooms being spotless! How my mom did that, I do not know because I am constantly yelling at my kids to pick up their rooms and make their beds! There is a picture of my sister and I  making our beds with a smile in our cute matching pajamas. I was six and sissy was seven. We always made our beds, no matter what. When my mom so graciously watched my kids when I worked full time as a teacher, I would leave my house at 6:45 and my bed would not always be made. When I would come home my bed was perfectly made and my house so clean. I miss those days when my mom would come by and just help me survive. She would fold my laundry, clean my house, always swept, and made my bed. I always make my bed now. And when I do I think of her and how perfectly she kept house. Hers and mine. I miss those moments of mommy help, they would make my day so much better! She loved her grand babies and watched mine every day 6:45am-4:00pm. Love you mom, you used to do so much and I am so thankful for that!


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