Sunday, March 18, 2012


Sometimes in the midst of it all there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes in the midst of the rain there is a rainbow. Sometimes in the midst of a storm there is calmness. And sometimes, in the trenches (as I call it) of raising your children, there is hope. Niko, my first and most strong willed child I have, always seems to show his no so lovely qualities. Being the oldest he is always the one to get in trouble it seems, more than anybody else. His personality is one that needs a lot of attention. This coming from being the first one on my side of the family and staying in that place alone for two entire years. For two entire years he had a dotting mommy and a very proud daddy who pictures him playing basketball for him one day. For two entire years he had a yiayia and papou who solely lived for being with him every minute of every day! And for two entire years he had a Titi and Uncle who would fight over who would hug him first! This is how he spent his first couple of years of life. So when other siblings and cousins entered the picture, he didn't know what to do with himself. And so because of all this I find myself always disciplining him more than the others as he is the grumpiest in the morning, the one who spanks everyone in the house, and the one who just likes to get others upset with his words. Although all my children behave like this at one time or other in the day, he seems to be the one who will give me all my grays-I have none yet! Anyways, back to my trenches. The other day when picking up Niko and Athena from school, Niko eagerly shared with me his work as he usually does on Fridays. And one particular assignment caught my eye. It actually got me all chocked up. Here is a child that both his father and I have spent countless of hours loving, disciplining, teaching, and guiding the best we know how. And as parents you don't know what is actually sticking and actually working. You just pray daily for your children and do the best you can and hope that your children love you and grow up to be wonderful human beings who love the Lord, and if they admire you enough to do what you have done with your life, than that's an added bonus. On this Friday Niko shared with me his dream. Although simple and childlike-duh he is a child-his dream reaffirms  that somewhere somehow, we as parents have taught him something wonderful, something valuable. And though it's just a little art project, I choked up because this particular child of mine has received A LOT of one-on-one in the skill and love of basketball. As parents we smile proudly and thank God for blessing us with a VERY strong-willed child who will one day be sometime great. He has to, because all these times of grief, crying, yelling, screaming, will have gone to waste! (Just Kidding) Hug your child today. These are the moments when they "like" us and want to be "like" us that will fade for a little bit, and we will have wished for these moments back.


This Week's Menu

On a roll with planning ahead my meals, thanks to SkinnyTaste. She has truly inspiring meals and on the lighter side, but always healthy too! I love introducing my kids to so many flavors and new tastes! Enjoy!


Chicken Broccoli Noodle Casserole I always have chicken and broccoli and pasta on hand, so this makes it easy for me:)


Greek Turkey Meatballs Ugh...these are calling my name and taking me back to Greece...mmm, can't wait to serve these with some Tsatsiki!


Lemon Feta Chicken with Oregano We have more time on Wednesdays to actually sit as a family and enjoy a meal at the table. So this, with some broccoli, and some fruit, and some stuffing is what's for dinner.


Mozzarella Sticks We have Baseball practice on these days and are dashing out the I am wrapping these up with some fruit and calling it dinner!


Lavash Pizza We always have pizza on Friday and I'm going to try this one! I'm sure I will get some resistance from Niko (My Me-n-ed Lover)

Left overs! Too busy to cook and way too many leftovers that need eating!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

This week's menu

So I'm trying some new recipes from one of my most favorite new sites-SkinnyTaste-I have linked 3 new recipes from this site to try this week as eating skinny is good for everyone! Hopefully my kids won't notice the healthy touch in all these recipes...
Skinny Chicken Enchiladas
Skinny Baked Broccoli Maccaroni and Cheese
CrockPot Santa Fe Chicken
Thursday(it's supposed to be cooler today)
Pasta Fagioli
I'm going out-Dad's in charge!
Going out again! Pizza
Good Luck with everyone's meals this week!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I will dance with Cinderella...

There is something so precious about a father and daughter relationship that can never be replaced. I was so blessed to have one of the best fathers known to man and I always say my confidence comes from him. And to see my little Athena with her daddy in this picture makes me smile. She is so proud to be with him and I can only imagine how much she looks up to him for that affirmation that she is pretty and that she is the best.  I never had many admirers growing up, they always seemed to want to go out with my friends, but I always thought I was pretty. Why? Because when I left my house everyday my father always complimented me on how beautiful I was. He still tells me to this very day and I just melt. And I remember a story our pastor shared a few months ago about a girl going to therapy for looking for love in all the wrong places. Her father and her didn't have a good relationship and she sought out that relationship in other men. When the counselor asked what when wrong and when, the little girl who was now  in her 20's sitting on this couch with her father and mother trying to get through life's problems, said "it was my senior prom and my mom and I worked all day getting my nails done, my hair done, a new dress, my make up and I felt so pretty. I ran downstairs and asked my dad how do I look? What do you think? And he just kept his newspaper up in front of his face, never putting it down to see me. I was crushed and left that night with my date and I didn't feel so pretty and it all started. The father broke down in tears and apologized to her. He said he was so uncomfortable that he didn't know what to say, so he said nothing at all. The impact of a father is enormous. So as they went off to the Daddy/Daughter dance I knew Athena would remember it forever. They danced all night, he spun her around on that dance floor, took her to a nice dinner, and gave her a present. Fabulous date that one day someone else will have to live up to. I pray for her husband to be and I know that her daddy will be there for her just like my dad was and is today. Thank heavens for fathers, fathers who love, who give, who dance every dance, not wanting to miss one song. " 'Because all to soon, the clock will strike midnight, and she'll be gone..."