Sunday, October 30, 2011

Celebrating Stella

Notice the punch bowl, lady finger cake, crystal plates, and that festive Halloween runner!

So today is my birthday. I celebrated by visiting my parents this morning. I told my mom it's my birthday and even though this illness has stolen her personality and abilities to do simple things, she immediately responded with "oh, where are going to celebrate?" That's how I remember my mom. She was always ready for a party. She celebrated every one of our birthdays with a party. She'd lay out her gold spoons in a pattern on the table. Her punch bowl was never missing and she would fill fancy bowls and dishes with fruit and nuts. And in the center of the party table was her infamous lady finger cake. We always ate birthday cake with those gold spoons. These traditions she created are ones that as an adult I have come to appreciate even more than before. I just love how this woman came from a different culture without her family and started a new family with her husband and new traditions. She created a life of joy and love for all who she came into contact with. My home was always filled with love and an appreciation for life! I love this woman and all the special touches throughout our lives. On this 35th birthday my kids have celebrated me and my husband has spoiled and my father always providing for me and my family, and my dear sissy giving everything she has. But my mom, we would of gone out together all day and she would of spoiled me with things I couldn't afford or needed because that's how she was. She is my mom and she always spoiled me. She was always the one who would be frivolous on my birthday and I miss her. Love you mom!

I think this was my 2nd birthday

I think this was NOT a lady finger cake!

Glass cups, lady finger cake

Punch bowl...sissy got a bike that year!

Lady Finger cake

Lady finger cake

(my sister is the bald character-don't know why)

My mom's birthday...the lady finger cake

Jason's first bday! Notice the gold spoons, and the punch bowl.

Lady finger cake again...and a skinny mama!

Lady finger cake again!
My mom LOVED my dad, so PROUD of his this moment captured in this picture.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Celebrating Stella

So my dad handed me this picture today and was reminded how vibrant and alive my mom used to be. This picture brought back the beauty he fell in love with many years ago. And it's hard to remember her like this when all we see is the disease and what it's making of her. We forget that she did so many things, so many talented things. She too wanted the best for her family, her husband, and her grandkids. She was me. She was me without her parents close by to ask for help with the kids when she needed a break. She was me, baking cookies and cakes and making flower arrangements for parties. She was me and every mother out there today trying to raise a family and love her husband and friends. She was me, wanting to look nice and keeping her children looking nice. She was me, wanting to be remembered by her children as a great mom who was always there for them and who created memories and traditions they would do with their own families. I hate this disease. I look at this picture and I think if my mom only knew what would happen to her mind so early on in life. How would she have lived her younger years? Are there any regrets? Any trips not taken? Anything she wished she would of said or done? I love you mom and I am going to keep your youthfulness and vibrance alive for as long as I can. And if this is my future, I hope my girls will do the same. You are an awesome mom, talented, and the best friend I could ever ask for. Love you more!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quick and Easy Zesty Chicken in Crockpot

I just had to share a REALLY super easy and tasty dish for dinner...Zesty Chicken. I found it on Fancy Road House Blog and have shared it with many friends. So, I thought since it was such a big hit with everyone, I would post! Enjoy!

4-6 Chicken Breast
1 Zesty Pack of Italian Seasoning
2 cans of cream of chicken
1 pkg of cream cheese

Place chicken in crockpot
Melt Cream cheese and cream of chicken over stove top
Then pour cream cheese and cream of chicken onto the chicken in the crockpot
Put on low for 4-5 hours and dinner is served! SO EASY!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Celebrating Stella

Times are tough here at the Jonesy household this week. We had to replace the pool vacuum, our water service pipe, our car battery, and our garage door. Money becomes tighter every week and easily I can sit here and complain about it (which I have), but Gracie (a wise friend of mine) reminded me tonight on Facebook that all is well. As she said "All living things are OK; material things can be replaced." So true, so true. I bet my mom would give anything to be in the midst of my life and helping me in every way. So I sit here tonight dwelling on my mom and the joyful spirit she always tried to share with everyone. As I look back at this picture taken in Athens, Greece (isn't she stunning?) I remember all the parties our house hosted for friends and family. You wonder why I love to be the hostess of parties? Well I blame my mother! I found this old picture in the house on Madison where we grew up. My birthday is the day before Halloween and I just love the details captured in this photo of my party table. If you look closely you can see the effort my mom put into it to make it special and memorable. We always had her lady finger cake which was layered with peaches and whipped cream. And on my birthday she would always add some spider be festive. Look at the napkins and plates and paper cups...all layed out strategically, with purpose. Even the gold plated spoons. Yes those are real, from her china set. The table cloth, the candles, and behind that flash spot were my cousins nuts, ART nuts. I think those were everyone's favors! Love it! And let's not forget the orange balloons hanging from the kitchen chandelier. My parents didn't have much when they came from Greece. My dad came here with 200.00 in his pocket and I wonder if my mother ever worried about that like I do tonight. As a child I never wanted, I always had and those memories fill my heart as I type away tonight. Somehow all those material items that keep breaking down around us and those bills that keep accumulating slowly fade from the front of my list. Love you mom. Thanks for all my beautiful parties and your smile! You always made me feel better, you still do tonight:)