Celebrating Stella

Notice the punch bowl, lady finger cake, crystal plates, and that festive Halloween runner!

So today is my birthday. I celebrated by visiting my parents this morning. I told my mom it's my birthday and even though this illness has stolen her personality and abilities to do simple things, she immediately responded with "oh, where are going to celebrate?" That's how I remember my mom. She was always ready for a party. She celebrated every one of our birthdays with a party. She'd lay out her gold spoons in a pattern on the table. Her punch bowl was never missing and she would fill fancy bowls and dishes with fruit and nuts. And in the center of the party table was her infamous lady finger cake. We always ate birthday cake with those gold spoons. These traditions she created are ones that as an adult I have come to appreciate even more than before. I just love how this woman came from a different culture without her family and started a new family with her husband and new traditions. She created a life of joy and love for all who she came into contact with. My home was always filled with love and an appreciation for life! I love this woman and all the special touches throughout our lives. On this 35th birthday my kids have celebrated me and my husband has spoiled and my father always providing for me and my family, and my dear sissy giving everything she has. But my mom, we would of gone out together all day and she would of spoiled me with things I couldn't afford or needed because that's how she was. She is my mom and she always spoiled me. She was always the one who would be frivolous on my birthday and I miss her. Love you mom!

I think this was my 2nd birthday

I think this was NOT a lady finger cake!

Glass cups, lady finger cake

Punch bowl...sissy got a bike that year!

Lady Finger cake

Lady finger cake

(my sister is the bald character-don't know why)

My mom's birthday...the lady finger cake

Jason's first bday! Notice the gold spoons, and the punch bowl.

Lady finger cake again...and a skinny mama!

Lady finger cake again!
My mom LOVED my dad...my dad, so PROUD of his family...love this moment captured in this picture.


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