Celebrating Stella

So my dad handed me this picture today and was reminded how vibrant and alive my mom used to be. This picture brought back the beauty he fell in love with many years ago. And it's hard to remember her like this when all we see is the disease and what it's making of her. We forget that she did so many things, so many talented things. She too wanted the best for her family, her husband, and her grandkids. She was me. She was me without her parents close by to ask for help with the kids when she needed a break. She was me, baking cookies and cakes and making flower arrangements for parties. She was me and every mother out there today trying to raise a family and love her husband and friends. She was me, wanting to look nice and keeping her children looking nice. She was me, wanting to be remembered by her children as a great mom who was always there for them and who created memories and traditions they would do with their own families. I hate this disease. I look at this picture and I think if my mom only knew what would happen to her mind so early on in life. How would she have lived her younger years? Are there any regrets? Any trips not taken? Anything she wished she would of said or done? I love you mom and I am going to keep your youthfulness and vibrance alive for as long as I can. And if this is my future, I hope my girls will do the same. You are an awesome mom, talented, and the best friend I could ever ask for. Love you more!


Anonymous said…
I love you, Nina. Once again, tears down my cheeks. I remember your mom before this disease. I remember how much she loved to cook, clean and care for your family. Always with a smile and always so kind to all. - Michelle A.
The "J" Crew said…
Thanks Michelle! Love to hear those memories of her vitality! Love you too!

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