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Three Quarters of a Century Today

Today you are three quarters of a centruy old. You have seen a lot, felt a lot, lost a lot, gained a lot. But today is not going to be easy. The first birthday without your wife, your best friend. I know your heart does not feel like celebrating, so I will sit with you and remember the birthdays you had with mom. The ones where she would make you her famous finger lady dessert-as she called it-and we would all sit together and have dinner. The one where she would make us sing and give you the presents from us (but she really bought them and wrapped them). The one where you two would go to Carmel-the quick getaways in Monterey or the longer ones in Vegas. The ones when it was just the two of you-before we all arrived in your lives. Today may not be a day for cakes, presents, and loudness, but rather one for the stillness and the love you have shared with mom. I love you dad, there is no greater dad for me in this life. You take care of your children, even to this day. You took care of…

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