This Guy

There is a guy I know that has been there since the day I was born. He actually was waiting for me in the waiting room, hoping perhaps I was going to be the son he always wanted. When he first saw me he did actually think I was a boy, but when he looked closely to this chunky little baby with a lot of hair, he saw a baby girl who he loved for the next 39 years. Every morning I would wake up to this guy singing the Lord's praises and eating breakfast with him. He would always praise me throughout my days, how beautiful I was, how smart, and how I was worth more than gold! I would be constantly reminded of just how valuable I was. That there was no one like me, that I was worth a million bucks, and that no blondie was cuter then his brown-eyed girl. He would take us to school everyday and would honk and embarrass us all the way down the street! Sissy and I would be so embarrassed of this guy honking his car horn and waving bye...ugh how lucky we were. This guy, always following us, always providing us with books and educational quotes of life long learners and get your degree, it's the most powerful thing you can do as a woman in this day and age. He was always trying to teach us the value of a dollar and how to save it-but we always liked the value of spending it! There were moments in my adult life that I wished I was home again, a little girl, being taken care of by this guy. Life got hard, but he always fixed it! He fixed it everything! My flat tires, my bank account, my love life, you named it, this was the guy you needed! My wedding day, he was there again...walked me down the aisle, cried when he gave me away, and when it was over he wished he could throw another wedding again! He just was the everything. In my new little house in Tarpey Village, this guy painted my house, built a side walk pavement  with a bird bath, improved my bath room, and hung all my new light fixtures...HGTV missed out on one handy guy! I grew up in this perfect little bubble...I thought everyone had a guy like this in their lives who loved their mom and family like this guy. Doesn't everyone have someone to go to to fix everything? I do. I still have this guy in my life and he STILL fixes everything. There is something extraordinary that God created in our lives and when they make the choice to serve Him first, they become exactly what God meant when he gave them the name Father. When I think of this title I think of my dad, and I hope you think of yours. When you become a father you hold the character and the confidence of your baby girls and the leadership of your sons. I am a very confident person and I owe all of that to my dad...this guy who continually has poured into my life with love and shown me with his life example how to love. No other man I know who would stay married to a woman who doesn't know him anymore, clean her, bath her, feed her, and still be in love with her. This guy weeps, holding his wife, as he is in pain with her life being where it is. He looks at her with those same eyes and sees all her beauty, and all that she was and still is. He still takes care of his wife, his children, and now his grand children. He will forever be father to us all. To every person he meets in his life, there is no greater man than my dad and no gift would honor him today, but words from my heart and time with all of us...see you today dad, and HAPPY FATHERS DAY...


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