The Stapler

If you look up the word "stapler" in the dictionary one can find that it is a machine that holds two things together, usually paper. You will also find that it is derived from the noun "staple" which is of recognized quality. I have found a gold stapler in my life, a staple that I will miss using every day. When I first got hired at Rio Vista, many new faces crossed my path. Some were cheerful, positive faces, while others were focused, disgruntled, or angry. But there was one face I would meet and never forget. A face I spent my mornings and lunch times with, a stapler who held me together when the days were unkind or the faces of the angry ones caused me great sorrow. She is the recognized quality that has made my last two years of teaching more joyful then before. As I sit here in front of my computer and think about my last day tomorrow I think of the many things I will miss. My kids were amazing this year and each one has changed my outlook on life for the better. But there is one person I will miss the most, the stapler; of recognized quality. My dearest friend Leah is my gold stapler. Only I and her know the meaning as her room was "fancy" this year in gold boarders representing the gold and she always needed my stapler! But beyond that we were inseparable. Two teachers who had each other's back. If I was sick she'd get my class ready and I her. If we had kid situations, we'd cover for one another. And when moments in life were unfair, we had our share this year, we held each other together. We are true friends and I am blessed that God has brought her in my life. We will always be in each other's lives, but it will be different next year as we continue to teach without the other right next door. No more morning prep periods to share new ideas and plan. No more lunch sharing moments or story sharing of the night before. No more inside jokes on campus and the laughter of students who leave that lasting impression. But we will make new memories, I know, but it just won't be the same dear gold stapler; of recognized quality.


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