Do you know her?

Do you know her? IF you don't you are truly missing out in life as we know it! This is my Sister. Not yours. Although many of you out there would consider her as close as one. But nevertheless, I have dibs on her and she  is MY sister. God gave me my sister. She was chosen out of so many. But God chose this one, many miles away in Greece on August 31st. Born to an unwed mother who hid her pregnancy from everyone. She could've aborted her, she could've easily told her parents and lived in sham, but she kept this little girl hidden for 9 months and when it came time to deliver, she asked not to hear her baby's cry because she knew she had not other choice but to give her up to someone who would give her a good life and love her in a way she was unable to at that time. So God saved her and gave her to me. Although OLDER than me, it's always been asked if I was the older one. But I digress, that's another blog moment. She is the "miracle" that brought me and my brother, my dad would say. We were always told that. My mom couldn't get pregnant for 10 years, but delivered a baby girl 13 months after sissy was brought into our lives. And thus began our sisterhood. Through years of sharing a room, to sometimes a bed where she would hold my hand and I would feel safe, to fights over borrowed clothes and tears over boys who hurt us, we were and still are inseparable. She helps me so much. She loves me so much. She has the biggest heart and would give you the shirt off her back, the shoes off her feet, and anything else you would need. There is no one like her, none. She is my best friend and I don't know what I would do without her. She may nag me about my house and the lack of organization it holds and that I need to keep working out and that I must do things a certain way (her way), but I love that. I love her. My parents really raised two sisters to love each other and know that blood isn't always thicker than water. She is my sister. The one I call to share good news, to complain, to seek counsel, to workout with, to split a bagel, to "revamp and reshape", to fight with, to laugh with, and to spend our family time together. If you don't know her, you are missing out. My life is so much richer because of her love for me and my children. Through every pregnancy, delivery, surgery, moment of change, she has been there for me. She comes and cleans my house, cleans and loves my babies as if her own. She organizes me, tells me what to do, and I do it because she is MY sister and she only wants the best for me. So even though it's a little late, I want to wish this beautiful creation of the Lord a very Happy Birthday. I love you sissy and I can't wait to see you again tomorrow! I love how we spend everyday together. Some may laugh, but it's such a gift to have you in my life. I love you...filakia!

I love my sissy!!!


Tiffany said…
Great Post Nina!! Loved, loved, loved it!!
Anonymous said…
How inspirational Sophie.. You made me MISS my sister ROSE Penner MacAlpine glyzedn very MUCH as i READ this story... but then that is ok and GOOD.

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