Celebrating Stella

So I haven't updated my blog since last Sunday...the week has not only carried us away, but it also carried me away from my computer. I don't think I did much on my computer since last week! Wow! Busy moms all around are nodding their heads as they read! But, I didn't want to stop my special celebration of my mom so tonight I stop my laundry folding, lunch preparations, outfit schedules for all kiddos, and cleaning up to take some time for my mom! She actually just left my house an hour ago. Both mom and dad stopped by with chocolate milk and bananas. Kids were thrilled. But I digress, there is an image implanted in my head and I wish I had a phone in my younger days to snap this image and post it for all to see. It's of my dad in his whitey tighteys early in the morning as all of us are getting ready for the day. Each in our own rooms dressing and getting our essentials together, my dad would walk out with black socks mid-calf, whitey tighteys-no so tightey and a dress shirt that my sister and I were responsible for ironing. "Girls", he would say in his heavy Greek accent, "Come, I show you how to iron a shirt properly!" And we would come and watch him put the iron in between the buttons of the shirt and along the shoulders. "This is how you do it! Learn the right way for your husbands!" We were in high school. All this to bring me to mom...she was in charge of the house. She got a pay check every two weeks from dad and she took care of the house, which included 30 dress shirts! My sister and I each had 10 and my mom the last ten. Needless to say I did not marry a man who wears dress shirts, my sister however did. She does not iron her hubby's shirts (sorry to throw you under the bus), but my mom did. My mom never laundered my dad's shirts. She would wash and we would press. She did everything-everything. And I see how she cannot do anything anymore and it saddens me to think she used to do EVERYTHING. I love you mom and think about all you have done and praise you! Go hug your moms!


Anonymous said…
I looked forward to your blog this morning. Knew when I dropped the kids at school I would come home and read it. Love your blog posts about growing up in your home. You have such wonderful memories. It is always very touching to read, Nina. Much love to you and your family. - Michelle A.
Beverly said…
Nina, someone just told me about your blog of my friend Stella. I've read it and cried a bucket full of tears.
We had such great times together.
I miss her very much. Thank you for the update.

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