The emotion captured in this picture goes so much deeper then one can see. For one my sister will probably get mad that I posted a picture of her crying, but I feel she is so beautiful and raw in this moment that she might forgive me; for the story behind this moment is worth sharing. These two women you see here have a love story that stands the test of time. 37 years ago my sister made my mom the happiest mom in the world. So happy, she was actually able to get pregnant after 10 years of trying. And my mom gave my sister a home full of love and created a young lady that loves like no other person I have met and gives like Jesus did. And on this Christmas Eve day when we went to visit mom like we always do, sissy played some piano and brought life into this now empty, but oh so clean house. Mom sat next to her listening, but not showing any emotion. Then sissy played These are a Few of my Favorite Things, a song we all know very well. It was the only movie my mother let us watch, The Sound of Music. And when sissy played this song my mother's foot began to tap to the beat and she started to sway side to side. And although there wasn't a smile on her face, we knew she was enjoying this song. And we both began to cry, but sissy kept playing and mom kept swaying and tapping. Tapping to the memory of singing this song with her girls; of dancing along with Julie Andrews and her kids. This disease has taken away those memories and all she was able to do, but they are still in there, hidden behind this terrible malady. And when we are able to reach them and see her recollection our hearts are broken and we are brought to our knees in sadness that we have come so far. I love my sister's love for mom and those brief moments when we feel our mother's love. Merry Christmas...I pray you all tap to the memories you are making today.


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