Merry Christmas. When these words are shared everyone has a different meaning they internalize and memories that go along with it. Some are happy memories, some might be angry, offensive, traditions, and or laughter. When I hear those words, I first remember how Jesus Christ came to save us, born in a manger. Then I think about all the things I need to get done between now and the 24th of December. I am sure all of your lists are as long as one can imagine. All of us mommies are "busy" with Elf on the Shelf, Presents, decorations, parties, and keeping the magic alive. And don't forget those blasted pictures with Santa! We finally went and got that done yesterday with 8, yes 8 children! One being only 10 weeks old! Some would say how ever did you do this? While others who have been there done that, look at you with pride because they know what you just accomplished! But here it is, our 2012 picture with our 8 children. My sister's two, our Anna's two, and my four, yes I provided half, and what a moment that was. Loukas asked Santa if he could pull his beard, and he did; Zoe shared the famous line from The Elf movie when Buddy told the pretend Santa that he smells like beef and cheese! And yes we waited for almost an hour just to sit in his sleigh. These are the minutes, the precious minutes that simply escape us. The minute of the smiles and magical looks on their faces that so quickly we miss. The minutes of all three of us hiding behind the two strollers so that Aleko won't cry.  The minute we had them anything just to get a smile out of them so we can capture this minute forever. This is it...here it is! It's the magic we as adults try to hold on to but simply can't. It seems like only yesterday this is what our Santa pictures looked like...
 I wouldn't trade my minutes for the world. Embrace your mins...as quickly as they come, they go. Merry Christmas


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