First days of school have been going well and my charts are always a hit when we first return. From laying out clothes for the week, to keeping backpacks hung near each kid's bedroom door on a hook system, to chore responsibilities...I cannot complain, yet! So here is a little insight to our system week 2, since I practice last week before we actually started school.  Each kid has their own chart, I do four in the morning (meaning I put a sticker on the item in question) and complete the rest of the chart in the evening before bed...this keeps them going.  This is in our laundry room as we leave in the morning.
This chart is for my 4 year old, so some of the things listed are kinda simple. I am trying to teach a routine for him to follow in the morning so he doesn't ask me what he should do next. Each kids has their own chart...except my 2 year old:)

Glimpse of my cork board. This is the most amazing cork board in the world!!! It covers almost the entire wall of my laundry room. It's from Ballards that place!

This is our chore rotation. My oldest changes the day of the week and I rotate them. Zoe is my 2 year old, she always has diaper duty:) Kids love the vacuum chore for some odd reason! They do not get any rewards for doing their chores:)

These are the rewards we came up with so far. My oldest helped me come up with stuff that everyone liked and didn't get to do often. So it feels like a special treat. I have this posted as a reminder.
Hope everyone is enjoying their first or second week back to school. I know we are so far...but my charts will change I am sure as I try to move with my kids and their likes and behaviors.


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