Happy 44th Wedding Anniversary!

44 years ago today, my dad and mom were married here in Fresno California at the First Covenant Church on Tulare and Divisadaro. They met in Greece and were engaged there. My mom then traveled with her soon-to-be mother-in-law  to travel to the USA. My dad had to stay behind and finish out his Army duties. She never spent a night away from home, and here Stella was traveling to a far off country where the only word she knew was "Hello". It was on that flight where she traveled with Popi, a young bride off to meet her husband in the big USA. Since that day, those two have remained best friends. Back to the wedding, my mom went to the hairdressers alone, her parents couldn't afford to come, borrowed her dressed, the church lent them a car to travel to their honeymoon in good old Los Banos-their first night was at what we now know as The Budget Inn and then off to Carmel. (My dad did make up this honeymoon the following year to Hawaii!) They have been through thick and thin and still remain by each other's side. From Madison street (they lived next door to my Dad's mom) to Ridgeview Avenue, they have been through it all. From struggling to get pregnant for 10 years and then adopting from Greece to three kids and our car accidents, our tears, our joys, our schooling through private schools, public schools, private again, college, weddings, grandbabies, illnesses and losses. My dad LOVES my mom. Takes care of her everyday. In sickness and in health, my dad embodies this in its entirety. For richer or poorer...my mom stuck through my dad starting his business from scratch, a tough task for an immigrant with a heavy accent, where the City of Fresno wouldn't give him  job because of it.  Has provided for her for everything. She never wanted, she always had more than she needed. My dad is the best husband and father a girl could ever ask for. My mom took care of my dad, always putting him first (a difficult task with three children), always had dinner on the table, a clean house, 30 ironed shirts-my dad wore a suit and tie daily-he never laundered his shirts, lunches packed for every kid and her husband everyday, we were always clean, well dressed, and well fed. There was not better wife and mother than my mother. And it saddens me so to see her now and what this disease has made of her. I love my parents and I love their marriage. My mom always said she was the boss of the house and my dad was the boss of his job. He gave her a pay check every two weeks to take care of everything in the house and she did. They have had a beautiful life and I hope my marriage will be as great. Love you mom and dad, Happy 44th Anniversary! I love you to the moon and back.


Tiffany said…
What a beautiful tribute to two wonderful people!
Love, Tiff

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