Hello friends...it has been almost a month since my last post. I cannot believe I haven't had a moment to sit and feel inspired. To absorb all that we call life. So easily everything around you can keep you "busy" and when you get a moment to breath it's in your bed, completely dead to the world around you. And before you know it, morning time! That blasted alarm!!!! Well, whatever you may do that keeps you so "busy", may it not take you away from giving time to your family, friends, and loved ones. With that, during spring break we had that good "busy" spending time with the family and some dear friends. To kick things off we went up to Shaver with our good friends the Sanchez Family. (It was their idea) It was a beautiful day of freezing temperatures, mama was thrown down on a sled and pushed down a hill (Thanks Chad), kids ate snow-only white snow, made snow angels, some kids fought in the car and cried that they were wet and forgot to pack their change of clothes (mama tries NOT to do everything), ate the worlds best pizza and cinnamon twists. All in all, it was a fabulous day, we even got to see snow falling from the sky...my kids thought it grew like grass...got a science lesson in there!
Proud mama and papa

Then, that Wednesday we left for Newport for some fun in the sun with yet another dear family friend, the Schalk Family. We had fun in the sand, kids collected a bucket full of sea shells (woo-hoo) and Niko put sand in everyone's faces, which led to tears, which led to sticky sand EVERYWHERE. Dad taught him a lesson by putting his face in the sand as well, open mouth of course (Niko's choice since he was yelling NOOOO!!!) Which that led to Niko crying, very loud, for a very long time, fun in the sun! This led us to dinner time which was FABULOUS!!!! We ate at Mama D's on 32nd. Rafael, with a Boston accent, was the best waiter one could ask for with 7 kids and 4 adults! Homemade pasta, hot foccacia bread, friendliest, child friendly atmosphere, and followed up by mini homemade chocolate chip cookies! What a way to start our vacation! Then it was time to go to our hotel. Trying to save money on this trip, I booked the Embassy Suites...and yes although I would of LOVED to stay on Disney grounds, 900.00/night for a suite just wasn't in the Jonesy Budget...and to top it off, I booked the FAR Embassy suites...yes the one by Angel Stadium...oh dear! Hubby was upset, but so was I since I was denied a visit to the Sprinkles Cupcake bakery in Newport...but I digress, Disneyland the next day! Free breakfast, a short drive in the car, parking FAR away, riding a shuttle and spending the ENTIRE day at the park from 8:00-12:00am!!! Yes we never left till it closed! Looking back this was a magical trip with too many special moments that would bore the average reader, but one thing I love reminiscing about is how EXPENSIVE everything was, but yet we did it for the kids, for the memories, and the time we had together, being goofy (ha-ha), eating churros, freezing cold waiting for Space Mountain at 11:45pm, having to pee right before getting on the ride, seeing the eyes of  your kids light up and think this world is amazing! This is what we go into debt for, this is what we are still paying for, and it was all worth it. I just love listening to our kids still talk about when and all their Disney memories. 

We came home to Easter with our family and soaked up all that we could. These days won't last forever, we won't always remember the small details, and so I sit tonight, to my favorite song and try to hold on to it. This is why we had kids, to live life a second time. To breath it all in yet again. 
World's Greatest Papou!


Anne said…
The kids were obviously enjoying their Disney adventure! I can't wait to bring my child in Disney anymore. Stroller Rental in Orlando

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