Happy Summer

Well another school year has come and gone and I am proud to announce a BIG award my three kids received at school last week on the last day of school. No, not principals medallion, or character counts, or honor roll, or Block whatever letter your school starts with. No no, much more amazing then all of those. Yes, you guessed it, another year of PERFECT attendance. (4 Years now for my Niko! 2 Years for Athena and it's Loukas's 1st year!) This award is more for me(ha-ha) than anyone else really. It's something in me that drives me to drive my kids to school EVERY DAY without missing. Maybe it's because I am a teacher and know how schools get paid when our kids attend, or maybe it's my complete peace and quiet for 3 and a half hours (I have a Kindergartner!) to myself that makes me encourage this behavior. Whatever it may be, I am so proud of my kiddos for going rain or shine and even when they feel too tired to go because my mom makes me do everything under the sun-I am proud! So I am looking forward to Summer for not having to have PERFECT attendance, but a PERFECTly happy time together!

So Happy Summer. Happy BBQ, swimming, staying home, being lazy. Happy relaxation, minimal activities, and family time. Happy sunshine, sweaty days, friends, and good food. Happy endless nights, time together, and slowing down. This is summer. I am totally looking forward to it! Enjoy...


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