There you are! I knew you were here somewhere.

Once there was a young mother who gave birth to a little boy. She was so happy, so in love. He was her little man, her big boy. She did everything she could to give him the best life. She cooked for him, she cleaned for him, she kissed all his boo-boos, hugged him passionately, and prayed for his future wife. He could do no wrong in her eyes. The years went by, as they always do, and the boy grew up and she was always there for him, even when the world wasn't. He soon found a wife and created his own family and moved away. She was very sad to be so far away from her boy, not able to see him. She had grown ill and didn't remember like she used to, didn't remember anything at all. She slowly became unable to do much of anything for herself. Her husband had to step in and take care of her every need. This mother became trapped in her own body, unable to recognize the ones she had always loved, the ones she had given her all to, the ones she had taken care of were now taking care of her. Not even the boy who was her beginning and end was recognizable to her anymore. One Sunday afternoon while her husband was holding her up, helping her walk around the house she had made a home, she stopped and reached for a frame. Unable to use her hands to pick it up, her husband held it up for her. She hadn't been able to verbalize a complete thought in quite some time, just reacted with her eyes and would smile. But on this Sunday afternoon she spoke so clearly, letting her husband see his wife that once was. As she looked into this picture frame of her boy she whispered in Greek the words that would leave her husband breathless, "There you are! I knew you were here somewhere." Her husband held her, a little longer than usual, and wept as he realized that his wife is still in that frail body he takes care of everyday. She had been looking for her little boy all these years who isn't nearby to come and see her. There SHE was...he knew that his wife was here somewhere too. And he continued his walk with his wife around the house.


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