American Girl Party

Over the 4th of July weekend, my friend (who made me my capes) asked for some assistance with her daughter's 6th birthday party and boy did we have fun planning and setting it all up! Her little Emma made me feel like a fairy god mother, using my powers to create a magical place for her friends! She just loved it! I made the labels for the cups and plates.  The table cloth was rented, but the fabric was purchased. Most everything we used I already had and the fabric was purchased by the hostess and the banner was made from Paper & Cake. You can see how I put this to use in two parties...great purchase.  The cupcakes weren't there yet when I was taking photos, but there was a small one for the dolls and a normal size one for the girls.  That is why you will see the smaller cake stands at each place setting.  The red bucket labeled crafts was purchased from Target.  And my friend made her pretzels and marshmallows, which turned out adorable!!! Enjoy!


Holly said…
Lucky little girl! I LOVE the polka dots! Super cute!

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