Super Hero/4th of July

My son is born on the 4th which always makes us have a BBQ with all of our friends and family.  One day he will not want any 4th of July themed party, but for now I can squeeze it in.  He did insist on some sort of Super Hero thrown in the mix of patriotism, so I answered the call. 
This year's party was first inspired by Jessica Levitt over at Juicy Bits. When I first saw her Valentine's Cookie Bar I had to copy!  I saved it in my Favorites and began my journey.  All the labels I made for the Cookie Bar and around the party. All the Super Hero figures though came from TomKatStudio.  She doesn't sell this pattern anymore, but I was lucky to order back when it was still available. Thank you Tom Kat!!! The Super Heroes were a HIT!!! On the invite and around the party.  I took the super hero figures and blew them up and had a friend paint them...thank you Lauren!!!  I propped up the Super Heroes on a dowel and stuck them in buckets which I had glued foam in.  The favors were capes of course and those were made by Khrysten Kent Designs.  The kids LOVED wearing those around the party.  Thank you Khrysten...those were amazing!!!  All the cookies were made by me except for the Chocolate Rolos...thanks Michelle for making those!!!! They were delicious!!!  And the Oreos and Mother Oatmeals were obviously purchased:)...The blue fabric with white stars were table cloths from Kohls which I found on sale one day and had to purchase! I mean there was so much one could do with fabulous table cloths like those!  The Flag Banner on the top of the cookie bar I had and simply stuck some letters on it to make a Happy Birthday Banner. The banner on the table with my son's name I purchased from Paper&Cake Printable Partyware. I just LOVE this company...from the partyware that I purchased I made french fries holders as well as napking rings.  I made the cake, but the party circles were from TomKat ofcourse! Thanks TomKat once again!!! Hope you enjoy the pictures and find some inspiration for your own parties!
These were in my entry way in the sides of the walls.
To-Go Boxes were purchased from Smart&Final and I added the label. The straws were purchased from Hey Yo-Yo and were just too cute!!!
I filled the white cups which I purchased from Smart&Final with Potato Salad.  The labels I got from The Sparkle Spot.  Those were freebies, and boy were they cute!
Our food...including homemade yummy!!!
I found this Pepsi Bottle holder at Pottery Barn...Had to was just to cute to pass up!
The red baskets I purchased online at some restaurant supply shop. And the liners were from Sur La Table. 
And Flag touches were all throughout the house of course to keep the spirit alive:)!

Some of our super heroes!


Michelle Temple said…
How cute, and it looks so delicious!
So fabulous! You did such a wonderful job!! Thanks for sharing!!
Holly said…
So awesome!!! I'm sure the boys had a blast with this one!!

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