Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mom's birthday. She will celebrate with her daughters, and her grandkids, and with the love of her life, my dad. She will smile as she always does these days and laugh, but she won't celebrate the way she used to. I remember when it was my mom's birthday she would dress up, put her high heels on, drop us off to school and go to the mall. Everyone knew her there at Gottschalks and she would tell everyone it's my birthday! And she would get so many wishes. She LOVED birthdays, hers and her children. That is probably why I hold them so dear and celebrate so big. I love you mom, and I wish you a very happy birthday. You won't be putting on your heels today, since your physical therapist has recommended nothing but flats from now on; you won't be dressing up in your favorite dress, and sadly you haven't been to the mall in so long since walking long distances is not your favorite thing to do anymore. But you will smile, you will hug, and you will be enjoying your day as you always do, and sissy and I will celebrate you and your birthday today! Love you so much.


Anonymous said…
Always LOVED her WARMTH at Women ALIVE. She always had something to SAY. Love to listen to
her . Found her so interesting. Appreciated the very DELICIOUS MEALS she made and brought over to Rose MacAlpine's HOME. Love to YOU all !!!

www.JonShabaglian.com Composer, singer.

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