Most Honorable

There is a man in my life who taught me what love is. It's not diamonds, or fancy cars, mansions, or extravagant trips. It's not hugging and kissing or even sharing your wedding vows. It's cleaning up after your your spouse when they cannot do it anymore. It's putting on your wife's make-up and calling your daughter's on hair advice to style your wife's hair. It's calling your daughters to refill concealer for your wife so her black circles underneath her eyes can be covered up. It's washing your wife's sheets and making her dinner every night. It's giving everything you have to your family because they need you. It's changing out all the toilet's in your house  to higher and larger seats because your wife is too afraid to sit too low. It's changing out your box springs so your wife's bed can be easier to get in and out of. It's driving a smaller car, so your wife can get in and out of more easily. These are the actions I see by my dad everyday for the past 5 years. He does all this and has two jobs outside of the house. He is most honorable and I wish him a most honorable birthday today as he celebrates another year. He can never leave this world because I need him on a daily basis. Here's to another 69 years! I love you dad and respect you to the highest. Happy Birthday, filakia Ninaki.


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