Saturday Night

My dad's favorite picture of my mom...she's so pretty.

It's Saturday night. Some of you are out on the town living it up with friends and loved ones. Having a couple of drinks, good food, great music, and conversation. Some of you are home quietly enjoying the peace you might have as all your kiddos have gone to sleep. Others might be at Church, while others are working the night shift. Some of you may be already asleep, others watching the football games, and some enjoying family reunions. But there might also be some mourning the loss of a child or loved one, marrying their soul mate, looking over finances wondering how they will make ends meet, crying over a broken heart, or giving birth to new life. In the midst of all these events taking place all over the world, there is a man at home sitting with his wife, holding her hand. Talking with her and enjoying the stillness of the moment. There's a man, tonight, who is looking at his favorite picture of his wife and how youthful and beautiful she is. It's his favorite picture and he was spending the evening sharing that memory with her. "She understands, Nina, she does", my dad said over the phone tonight. And yes she does in her special way let my dad know she loves him and hears him. If she could express what she is feeling she would tell you dad that she is so lucky to have you in her life. That she loves how you take care of her, her children, and grand-babies  That she is so sorry to put this burden of taking care of her every need and how she wishes she could help you out and take care of you. She would tell you how proud you make her every day and how honored she is to be your wife. She would tell you that she remembers all those memories you share with her nightly and how she loves the new cabana you're building in the back yard for Effie to live near her. And when you have those bad days at the office or someone has hurt you, she would want to hold you and tell you how much she loves you. This is what mom would say if she could express herself right now. You are a good man and I am so thankful for you in my life, and so is mom. Good night.


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