It's Good to be Alive

Sunday has become a day of spending lunches with my mom and dad. I love entering the home I grew up in and finding my dad taking care of my mom. He always smiles when we walk in. The noise doubles instantaneously, the house becomes messy in about 5 seconds, and joy fills the house immediately. Sitting in the patio today, with my mom, dad, the kids, Johnny, and Martin, every worry, every problem just faded away. The questions of the why and how will we be able to in life leave my mind, and I in that moment thought, "it's good to be alive."  I look over at my mom who is wearing a new velour sweat outfit my dad got her with jewels covering the top half. She is smiling today because she feels pretty in her new, bejeweled outfit. She is laughing today, and on her own came to the table to be a part of all the commotion  It almost seemed that in this one moment she was with us, enjoying us, enjoying being alive. Next to her Athena with her missing tooth still, is leaning on my mom and chowing down on her sandwich swinging her legs side to sided; not a care in the world for that little girl, it's good to be alive.  Loukas and Zoe laughing and having their own conversations about triangles and the miracle they learned at church today, while Niko is keeping us updated on Sliver-Black-Attack; it's good to be alive. I look over at my dad eating the sandwich he said he wasn't hungry for, and talking over the plans for his cabana with Martin and Johnny and what is holding up the building plans; it's good to be alive.  In that very moment today, I stopped and breathed in as much as I could to remember that there were no worries at this table this afternoon, no stress about tomorrow, no lack of love. And as we drove home the song by Jason Gray, It's Good to be Alive, came on as we all sang together. It's a moment in life that I will hold on to. "I wanna live, like there is no tomorrow, love like I'm on borrowed time, It's good to be alive, yeah."


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