The Horn of Plenty

My mother made me this cornucopia almost ten years ago. I remember when she made this because it was her very first one. She was so proud to bring it to me and have me display in in my home.  Soon, the word got out of this "horn of plenty" that Stella made for her daughters, everyone was asking her to make them one. I think a few of you out there still have yours and put it out to this day. This cornucopia is a reminder to me every November that our lives are overflowing with plenty. That there is never a moment where I don't have plenty to be grateful for. This horn is a symbol of our lives; even though there are some branches that are missing, some fruit that need to be re-glued, and some bows that need re-fluffing, we have plenty. My mom was always so good about helping me to remember that one simple concept. We have so much, we have plenty. Some months it may not feel like that, even some days, but we do, we have plenty. I miss my mom's exuberance for life and everything beautiful. She could always take an arrangement that needed some love, and make it grand. I put that love in every centerpiece I create and every candy buffet I design. There is a little Stella in everything I do and today I just miss that love, that life she would always bring with her and put in everything that she touched. 
Happy Thanksgiving.


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