Baby Love

My mother always loved babies. Even more when she started getting some grandbabies. I remember how she would light up when anyone of them entered the room shouting "yiayia". She would come to my home everyday to watch Niko at 6:30am while I went to work. She always came over with a smile and a coffee; she'd spend the rest of the day playing on the floor with Niko and rocking him to sleep while singing a very famous Greek lullaby "Nani nani to morro mou", which means "sleep, sleep my baby." All the kids know it to this very day. Well along with many things, this love hasn't been able to shine as bright as it once used to, but just the other day her very best friend Popi came for her visit-which she always does and I LOVE that-and she had our newest little family member (as we call them) Aris. This is Popi's grandbaby which mom would've considered her 10th grandchild (8 from us and 2 from Anna of course!) and to her amazement on that visit mom's face lit up and she said in her Greek, "how are you, my sweet baby?", and began to play with him as she so often has in the past with all her grandbabies. Thank you Popi for being a true friend, giving my mother, your best friend, opportunities to express herself. Her love is still here, readily available to give and receive. Thank you for capturing this moment for us all to enjoy! Filakia!


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