Karen's Coffee Cake

Tonight I pulled out an old recipe, one I have made a hundred times. But tonight I made it with some tears and a heavy heart. It was a dear friend's of mines recipe, one she was known for and was mentioned at her funeral this past weekend. I remember her bringing it to work one morning and me not being able to STOP eating it. She willingly shared her recipe some 20 years ago, and I have made it ever so often, receiving the same praise she did amongst those who knew her best. So tonight, I dusted off my recipe binder (now I always use pinterest-this binder has become lost in this house) and flipped through the plastic sheet protected recipes I had cut out from magazines and copied from friends. There it was, the recipe in its original form with her hand writing all around it. She shared her tips of how to make it better from all the practice she had with it. It's a simple recipe, doesn't call for much, but the memories from this cake and the sadness of her sudden death make it a very special recipe, one I made tonight to remember my friend. It may say Dee's Coffee Cake on the top of this recipe, but it has become Karen's Coffee Cake tonight and forever more. Cheers to the kitchen and all the memories it holds~I've literally been in it since 3:30.


John Q said…
Nina -is any of that cake leftover?
The "J" Crew said…
No, it was gone this morning!

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