Making Whoopie...Pies!

So I needed to make a dessert for my Bunco Christmas Party tonight, so I thought I would make some whoopie pies. They are so cute and I've wanted to make them since I read the post from Bakerella. So I used the recipe she posted for the cookies and then found a Vanilla filling instead of the peanut butter one she has posted. Overall, easy, simple, and if I had some Christmas sprinkles, they would of looked super cute:) But here is a taste of what happened in my kitchen today!
Taste tester #1...that;s my thumb holding the first ones were a little too big!

Taste tester #2

Taste tester #3

Taste tester #3 got a little messy!

Now go make some whoopie...pies!


they look so yummy... I may have to give them a go :)

PS I hope you don't mind... I added your blog to my blog list. I love all the little things you post!

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