Birthday Party Ideas Friday

It's my first post of many and I am so excited to share this very sweet birthday party thrown by a dear friend, Sara Karlson.  She did the sweetest job and kept a low budget, which is always great to do when throwing a party! What I loved about this party, besides how cute her daughter is and how sweet her name went with her party, was the simplicity. She kept it simple, yet so memorable. This is why she is our FIRST Birthday Party Friday! Hope this inspires you on your birthday ventures! And if you would like to share a party, please email me with your pictures!

I made the banner by just printing the letters of her name on colored cardstock and cutting them out. I also used photos of her first year. 
I took a cute picture of her with the bucket of peaches did a photo invitation. 

 I used the Martha Stewart kit from Michaels for the pom-poms.
 We held the party at my parent’s pool house and just served homemade peach ice cream (okay- along with peach punch, a few cookies and some peach and pink candies). Her birthday is at the end of August so it was hot—but having it in the evening after dinner and having swimming as the main activity helped. The other thing I did was string white globe lights everywhere. I think lighting can really change the atmosphere and make a party magical. 

I also made a playlist with lots of old, fun songs (of course we had the Ray Charles andWillie Nelson versions of Georgia on my Mind). I wish I had more pictures- you know how it goes- I was busy being the hostess. J


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