New Year...

With the New Year comes resolutions...and with resolutions comes breaking onward we go with tradition as we create some new resolutions and see how far can we last.  I am determined to keep these as long as I can, but with all the good intentions in the world, one should not be too hard on oneself if by chance a resolution is only kept for so long. Anyways, this year I am determined to go to bed earlier than I normally allow my self to do. In my old age and lack of good genes passed down from my beloved heritage, I see how one needs to take care of themselves in hopes of lasting a little longer that 55 years of age.  So, with that, along with my intent of dropping those pesky 10 pounds (will that ever go away?) I am going to get more Zzzz's.  I have read countless articles  that state how if one stays up later in the night, one can find themselves eating more, thus adding to the 10 pesky pounds one is always trying to lose. So, for the past 4 days, yes I am doing good ladies and gents, assuming there are some gents who read this, I have been lysoling my kitchen and household door knobs, and going to my bed no later than 9pm.  I will have you all know that I have actually made it to my bed by 8:30pm for the last two days, and I am only up because I don't want you to go to bed still looking at my weekly menu.  Although, the salsa chicken was a great dinner and lunch! Try it! So good night and farewell, off I go to dream land a little earlier today to benefit not only from shedding a few pounds, but also aiding my body's  recovery from the day.


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