Menu for Jan. 10-15th

Here is our Menu for this week! When there is a birthday involved, I get a free-day! Yay! And it happens to be on Monday. With Basketball season quickly approaching I am focusing on fast, quick, and easy because we've got games to watch!

Niko's bday...eating out!

Lemonade Chicken served with broccoli and brown rice.

Chicken Tacos (using the chicken from Tuesday, soft tacos, and toppings!)

Sundried Tomatoes and feta Tri-tip Crockpot Recipe served with a green salad and rice

Spaghetti and meat sauce (ground beef and jared sauce...keepin it simple!)

Left over buffet!


Sara said…
Love this Nina. This is about what I do- one or two new recipes a week. And I also try to use something from one meal for another (like you did for tacos). I love cooking- but with four kids you've got to keep it simple, right? :)

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