Talented Tuesday...featuring MOMS!

Sorry for posting so late in the day, but today I have a very special mom to share with you. Her name is Karen and she has started Oh Sew Sweet. Whatever
she makes goes directly for providing virtual baby showers for expecting spouses of our deployed military. Please take some time to get to know Karen with Oh Sew Sweet and visit her website!
Here is a link to some pictures of what she does and of herself and her two kids! Thanks for sharing Karen!

What are your favorite pieces you've created and why?
I have so many favorites!  I love my keepsake silverware.  The sets are such a unique and fun keepsake gift to give and each is personalized with the receiver’s name and favorite colors.  My military bibs are recent additions to my collection and are fun to make.  They bring back fond memories of my days as an Air Force brat and were inspired by my niece and nephews that are current USMC brats.  Of course my bows and headbands are a never ending opportunity to try new colors and materials to match my daughter’s (and her friends) outfits and uniforms.


How do you balance family/kids, work and everything else?

I have been a night owl my entire life. I do my best work after everyone is tucked in and the house is nice and quiet. After a busy day of being a mom, wife, school volunteer and part-time Weight Watcher employee, I look forward to my quiet time late at night!  My family comes first, my craft business is just icing on my cake.
What do you want to accomplish with your business?
Proceeds from my sales help support my passion for providing virtual baby showers for 
expecting spouses of our deployed military. I am the Fallen Family team leader that 
provides support for the expecting spouses (or those with children age two and 
younger) of our military heroes that have died while serving our great nation. You can 
visit us at 
www.SoldiersAngels.org or on FaceBook at Soldiers Angels Operation Top Knot 
(official) for more information (or contact me directly).  My business will not make me rich monetarily, but the friendships I have gained and the lives I have touched with my gifts, make me the richest girl in the world!

Do you have any new creations in the works? If so, what can shoppers expect to see from you soon?
Personalized pillows!  I can’t wait to try my new idea that I have for the son of one of our Fallen Soldiers.  I told my daughter about it and she wants one for herself and her BFF, but said she can wait until after the little boy gets his first.
I am learning the ins-n-outs of creating my own website.  I am experiencing the fun and headaches that come with doing it yourself.  Of course, the creativity I get to use to make it my own far outweigh the hassle of doing it yourself!  It is just another fun way to express my love for sewing and sharing my crafts with others.  You can find me at www.OhSewSweet.com or my etsy shop at www.OhSewSweetGifts.etsy.com or on FaceBook at  Oh Sew Sweet.  There are several variations of Oh Sew Sweet on FaceBook, but I would really appreciate you “liking” my site, the one with the cute military bib as the profile picture!


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