Life is tough...but not so much.

At the end of the day, I always sit back and take a deep breath and just sink into my bed and fall asleep very quickly. In those few seconds between exhaustion and sleep, I realize how tough my days are, but how not so much. How there are people who REALLY have a tough story and a much more challenging life than myself, but for me a lot goes on in a day as I imagine most of you feel the same way. My typical day consist of waking up before my kids to get dressed and ready so I can get everyone else ready. Say bye to the hubby and get four little ones ready. For one hour a lot of "get dressed", "brush your teeth", "comb your hair", "did you brush your teeth?", "get your backpack", "don't forget your homework", "your lunch!", you get the jished. Then off to school for two, preschool for one a 1/2 hour later, and gym for some me time-1 hour. Then off to grocery shopping for the week, prepare dinner, bake some cookies for an order, create some labels for a party, pick up from school, nap one kid, maybe watch some other kids, pick up from school, pick up my and take care of my mother, take one to gym or dance or basketball, pick up from gym, dance or basketball, eat dinner, take mother to my dad, come back home, bath, more dinner, teeth, read, bed...laundry, kitchen clean-up, load dishwasher, clean up bathroom, put away the day, pack lunches for tomorrow, wipe down counter...huff-puff, it all over again! But then in the normal routine of life, we get some bumps...for me it was a bump, one I felt on my neck. So I quickly went to the doctor and went through the motions one would for any bump or lump. Ultra sound, biopsy, diagnoses. Easy, right? In between all that, your mind wonders, what if? Who would do what? Who would take my kids? Who would do my life? You can go crazy! Lucky for me, it was nothing but a nodule, benign, but in my Thyroid and it must all be removed! What? No Thyroid? How does one live? Are you normal? Do you gain weight, which I so desperately try not to do on a daily basis! What can I not do? How long am I out of my life routine? Why me? I already have genes for vericose veins, genes for Alzheimer, fat genes, I mean really? Anything else? Now a Thyroid disease? The questions, the self-pity can go on and on, how does one deal? Then everyone feels like they should share their horror stories so you can be prepared-really? Note to self-never share your horror story, it never makes anyone more prepared. But in the midst of the storm, no matter how big or small, or how many bad genes one can inherit, the only peace is Jesus.  Just saying His name brings me peace. I don't know what my future holds-it doesn't always look so bright- but I just pray it's enough time to go through my day over and over and over again. Every laundry, every mess, every report card, every fight, every worry, every bruised knee, wet sheets, broken down cars, bad hair days, more vericose veins, kids not going to bed, cleaning the kitchen again, everything...I pray the Lord let's me see all of it and be a part of it for a long time. A long long time. "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matthew 6:34


Sara said…
Well said! You have such a great positive perspective- love that about you! Praying for you too-
Alisha Kirkland said…
Beautifully said. As I was reading this post I felt as if you knew my thoughts exactly..and then the thyroid too?? We need to talk. I am going thru exact same thing. And I completely agree that JESUS is peace in the midst of the storm. Thanks for sharing!

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