8486-Dedicated to sissy, thanks for the inspiration.

It's been a week since my surgery (Thyrodectamy) and I have to give praise to the Lord for keeping me healthy, no cancer, and functioning pretty good with my new medication. During the time I checked into the hospital till right now, I have experienced a lot of different emotions. A little fear being checked into the hospital and laying on that surgical bed knowing what these doctors, also known as humans who can and do make mistakes, are about to perform. Weak; after waking up from surgery. Foggy; as I am pumping in morpheme to not feel pain. Tired, from all that morpheme. Sick, from all that morpheme. Love, from all my friends who came to the hospital, who sent flowers, who text, sent meals, and blessed from my family.
(the green beard I woke up with, it took a couple of days of scrubbing for that to come off!)

Sadness when not feeling like me, and secure as I went to recover at 8486. That number will forever have meaning to me. It's where I grew up, it's where I learned to be me. Where I would enter through the garage into a kitchen always smelling of garlic and olive oil and lots of noise. A passionate mother, and strong father, and crazy siblings! That's where I went to spend a few days after surgery to escape the loudness of my own home. I spent two days and nights in the 5th bedroom as we call it. And it's funny how no matter who came by, everyone sat in the 5th bedroom of this 3200 sq ft home. One night there were 7 people and an infant, sitting on top of each other with Greek TV blaring and everyone just being together. That 5th bedroom is where John and I lived for 6 month when building our home. It's the bedroom where all the kids used to have all their toys when visiting Papou and Yiayia. It's the hub of the house, the hub of my healing. My dad checked on me at night and had breakfast served for me in the morning. He was so happy to take care of me. I can always count on that man, always. My dad's arms is where I always can find my peace, my healing. Just like our Heavenly father, my dad exhibits his characteristics. 8486, Big Love, Big rooms, Big Peace...love that place.
The fifth bedroom, this is what I got to enjoy. You can't see it to clearly, but my dad has a big grin on his face as he enjoys the fullness of his home:)
(From left: Annabanana-thanks for being there for me the entire week, and my whole life. Aleko-always on the boob dude! Andreas-welcome to the craziness. George-loves me like a daughter, would do anything if I asked. Popoula-my second mother, always there for me, best friend to my mother, I love that. I love you! Stella-my mom, the best, taught me so much, unfair. Dad-my hero, my strength, the man who taught me I'm worth it and so much more! Love you more!)



The Garud's said…
Nina my eyes welled up as I read this entry. I to remember your parents house. It was a time of experiencing your parents unconditional love and open hearts. I always admired and looked up to the joy and peace that you always carried with you as I would see you in passing. You and your family are a reflextion of God's love and grace.
The "J" Crew said…
thx Jolinda! Kind words:) thank you!

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