Birthday Party Friday

Today we have a graduation party to share with everyone!!! This past Memorial Day, I was privileged to create a dessert buffet in honor of a friend's son. And what I love most about this family is their tradition of having all four of their kid's grad party on Memorial Day in Grammi's back yard. And this son was the baby, the last of the big parties. This mom takes into account every child's wishes for their party. She honors them by making the party about that particular child. This one did not want a party, he is quiet and reserved and a Vegan! So after begging he let her throw an intimate, simple, but clever, party! I had to hold back and create something that represented Joe. And take a look at these pictures and see how well this child was captured that evening. Kirstan created all the details of the table settings and food menu was created by Pardinis, all vegan! And the red velvet cupcakes are Vegan as well created by the Cupcake King. Smore's and cookies and ll labels were created by SugarPalooza, and the layer cake was made by Becky Cultoure. And the cupcake stand was purchased online through a great company called Roxy Heart Vintage that got it to me in three days! And all these BEAUTIFUL photos were taken by Michelle Temple. Thanks! Enjoy!


Becky Coulter said…
Looks amazing! You are so creative :)

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