Talented Tuesday...featuring MOMS!

Today I have a special treat for you! A mother daughter duo! I love this team! They are too cute~~ Take some time to get to know these two talented moms!!! And they are doing a giveaway at the end of this post!!! Don't miss out! It's another good one!!!!Please welcome Nicolette and her mom Rose with Mini Man Apparel (how cute is that name?).
What inspires you?
The day I found out we were having  a baby boy, my husband and I headed to every children’s clothing store in town only to be disappointed.  First off…..the amount of girls clothes far exceeded the number of options for boys.  Second, all the boys clothes that were available were too “cutesy” and just didn’t fit my husbands and my style.  I know that I am mommy to the most adorable BABY boy….but there is a reason his nickname in Mini Man!  I wanted clothes that captured the concept that baby boys aren’t only sweet and cuddly, but also charming, studly, and cool!  Now, getting to see our designs on other Mini Men and Little Ladies in the world, keeps us wanting to explore and create more!

What's your favorite piece you have created so far?
It has to be our tie shirts!  I love all the custom orders we get for these and that often times, these are worn for some veryspecial occasions like holidays and weddings for our customers.
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How do you find balance between family and work?
Fortunately, by starting this business with my mom, we are able to split up the work so life doesn’t get too crazy.  But truthfully, I typically only work on Mini Man Apparel when my son is sleeping.  If it comes down to making a tulle skirt or reading with Waylon, I’m picking up a book and finishing the skirt when he goes to bed.  
What do u want to accomplish with your business?
Currently, Mini Man Apparel is only a side job to the full time jobs that both my mom and I have.  Eventually, we would love to make it a full time job.  However, as it is, Mini Man Apparel gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with my mom, tap into my creative outlet, and have some fun!

What are your latest designs? Anything new?
Tulle skirts! I just love creating these for our customers and pairing it with a special birthday onesie or personalized top!  So girly and perfect for so many events in life!

Personalized pillow case dresses!  The super cute and comfortable dress for the summer!  Just love them!

This is her Little Man...

We would also like to do a boy and girl giveaway.  
Red white and blue tulle skirt up to size 3t
Fourth of july tie shirt....


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