Fourth of July!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the 4th of July! I love the BBQ's, the colors, the festivities, family gathering, and most of all my baby boy Loukas was born on this day. So parties are always big, patriotic, and full of food, desserts, and family. However, this year my little man has asked for a non-patriotic party. A motorcycle party at Pump-It-Up with no Red-White-and Blue, no fireworks, and not at home. So sad. But it is his BIG 5, so I let him have a non-patriotic birthday. But I just had to reminisce on the parties in the past and the fun times we had. Hope fully you get inspired for your BBQ this weekend! I will be making him his Flag birthday cake, no matter what!!! It's a family favorite and I will share the recipe below! Enjoy and Happy 4th of July America!

Last year's Super Hero/4th of July Cookie of my favs!

The infamous flag cake...make it every year for my little fire cracker!

4th of July Dipped Pretzels

BBQ Hamburgers and Home made Greek fries!

Fourth of July frie holders

Potato Salad containers in 4th of July attire

Love this crate from Pottery Barn...universal can use for anything!

2009 cake

4th of July cookies

Love 4th of July cupcakes

Dessert table 2009

One of the very first dessert tables I attempted...way better now:) LOL! 

My little fire cracker on his first birthday!


Hi Nina! You're parties are so adorable! Where did you find the superheroes from his party last year? Were doing a superman party for Austins 5th birthday next month and I'm looking for ideas :)

Also- can you post the recipe for the flag cake? Looks delicious!
The "J" Crew said…
I purchased from TomKat and enlarged and had a friend paint the ones behind the cookie bar. I have those and rent them out...TomKat does not sell that anymore because of copyright issues...I just saw at the dollar store pop candy in super heroes...they were cool! I will definitely post recipe for cake. Thanks!

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