Celebrating Stella

So it's Christmas and we all have those pictures with Santa in dorky outfits and quirky hair cuts. Most of our parents did a good job of taking us to see the man in the red suit so we could really believe that there was a Santa. And so the tradition continues as many of us wait in a line with our own kids and enjoy their anticipation of Good ol' Saint Nic. I know my sissy and I do it every year and we chronicle it in a book marked Holidays. Whether it's with Santa, The Easter Bunny, or Halloween Costumes, we have one for every year with all kiddos in matching outfits. So as I sit here and celebrate the woman I call mom, it takes me back to good old Weinstocks. My mom used to take us every year on the the Friday after school was out for Christmas Break, to have lunch with Jolly Old Saint Nic. I remember the red plastic booth couches and the "Denny" style plates and cups. She LOVED seeing our faces light up as Santa came by and sat with us and asked us what we wanted for Christmas and if we had been a good boy and girls. We of course were dressed to the nines, even if we were in our school uniforms, our hair was pristine! I remember my mother laughing and everyone knowing her by name. Where ever that woman went she was known and loved. She loved people and getting to know them and helping them if they needed it. She would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it! Where is that Stella, oh my mom. The love she had for life and everything in it. Now she sits at home and still laughs, but she would of loved going out and shopping and seeing Santa! Sometimes she would get in the pics with her grand babies and smile big! I love you mom. Thanks for giving us the joy of life and enjoying everything we have. Whether a lot or not too much. You are the greatest role model of a classy women, loving mommy, and yiayia. Love you more! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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