Family Christmas Pics

So as the end of the year comes to an end, I thought I would share our Family pics for 2011. I LOVE taking pictures of the family and creating a Christmas card every year! It's one of the many things I look forward to. Love capturing the kids each year looking their best~ It's a stressful day getting everyone ready, but so worth it after you get the pictures! Enjoy...

Me and my girls! I hope we are the bestest friends ever!

My husband, my rock. I couldn't do anything without this guy right here!

Sweet sweet Athena, full of goodness. My little perfectionist, she may be tiny but she is mighty!

Oh Zoe...she will keep us all on our toes! Watch out Fresno!

This guy is my sweet sensitive lovable son. Has the biggest heart...

Here he is sweet, not often that he is so sweet, but I will keep this picture to remind me

Heart breaker right here...

I will miss these times when my boys are young, playful, confident, and innocent. I pray they become men of God and cherish and enjoy life as much as I do!


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