I Amaze Myself

(Don't be fooled by the headline...I'm not saying I am amazing...it's something every mother should say to herself every night as she ends her day...because I think you are all amazing creatures!) With that said...

Every night I hit the pillow and wonder to myself, wow, I really did all that? And I wonder how many mothers out there think the same thing at night when the house is all silent, slightly picked up or immaculately picked up and you actually can think. I've always thought about all the "mothers" around the world and how they "do" their lives. We really were created to do great things. I listen to my friends often as they talk about their days of pick-ups and drop-offs, sick children and vomit all over the place, play dates and birthdays, and family gatherings, and work, and dinners and lunches, sports, music, tutoring...the list goes on. It's just amazing what one body can do. And yet through this all we manage, we survive, and we smile. I could sit here and share my day and have you all amazed, but you all do the same thing. This thing called life, we do it. We wake up unwillingly every day to do the same thing. Get ready, get the kids ready, practice sight words on the way to school, drop off with a smile and coats and lunches and back packs, drop off at day cares, check in to work, go to play dates, lunches with friends, doctor appointments, gym, clean house, do laundry, make dinner, pick up, dance, sports, gymnastics, etc. then home again to dinner, homework, baths, teeth, clean up kitchen, make lunches for tomorrow...I'm exhausted...all this to say to each and every mom out there...You Amaze me...and I hope you Amaze Yourself! Good night...till tomorrow.


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