I often wonder sometimes when in the trenches of life how many times I miss the moment; where I get carried away in trying to keep a neat house, clean children, straight A's (which we don't have), laundry completely folded and put away by Sunday night, homework done, lunches packed, dance class here, gym class there, basketball over there, prepare dinner (a healthy one), monitor sugar intake, make it on time-and the moment is gone. A moment when my children show me what life is really all about. The moment captured in the picture above is really enjoyed now as I sit down in the midst of my messy kitchen counters and piles of mail to be filed, I look at these little people and their faces and how they are captured perfectly. Their innocence is beaming through their faces and their posing in this picture. It just takes me to paradise. Their fighting, their grumpiness, their lack of listening is all gone when I look at this picture. Their true personality, raw for all to see is right here in front of me and it just makes me pause and reflect on the paradise God has given me here on earth. That song by Cold Play begins with the words "There she was just a girl,  she expected the world," I was that girl and I expected the world. This is my world, more than I could of ever expected. I don't have to close my eyes because it's in my face 24/7 and one day they will have their own lives and I will be wishing for this time again. So I know we are reminded often that this time will fly by, and I always say I feel like time is standing still, I'm still here! But I am still here and trying to breath it all in, holding on to it very tight. I know my mom had these moments and held on to them very closely and her mind betrayed her and took all those moments. It crushes me inside to think about that as a mother to my own babies. Soak it all in, breath in your paradise. It will all be gone too quickly. 


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