Little Girl

"There once was a little girl who was born in Greece. Her mommy couldn't take care of her, she was too young and had no way to support this little girl. So she gave her to a mommy who couldn't have any babies of her own. This mommy was so happy to have a baby and flew to Greece from America to get her baby and bring her home. The new mommy loved her new baby girl and sang to her every night as she rocked her to sleep. She would say a prayer thanking Jesus for this little bundle of joy sent to her from heaven."

This was the story of a little girl who was born to a mommy who wasn't able to take care of her. She was told this story when she was little by her mommy every night. One day this little girl asked her mommy if she was the little girl in the story. "Yes", the mommy replied. "You are my little bundle from heaven who was given to me by Jesus and I love you very much." The little girl grew up in this loving home with a mommy and a daddy who adored her very much. Soon she had a sister and a brother. Mommy always told her it's because she was so happy with her that she was able to have a sister and a brother for her. And the family grew up knowing how this little girl was the miracle that brought this family to life.

Fast forward 37 years. This little girl is a big girl and has a family of her own. A little girl and a little boy. She loves her family and knows her story and is grateful for the life the Lord has given her. Every person who crosses her path has been blessed and is a better person for knowing her. Everyone loves this girl and couldn't imagine their life without her. And one day this girl meets the women who gave birth to her. She meets her face to face. And her husband is with her when this moment in her life has come to a reality. All the thoughts she had of the what if's of this women who made a decision so long ago that would forever change the course of her life. What does she look like? Do I look like her? Will she like me when she see's me? What will I say? All the unknowns passing through her mind leading up to the monumental moment.

The day arrives. The two are standing face to face. Both unsure of what the other thinks. Amazed at the similarities and in awe of one another. The women who made that decision 37 years ago grabs her hand and places it up against hers, a perfect match. The palms of their hands identical. The wrinkle in their noses, unremarkable. The mannerism in their walk, uncanny. Their hearts both pounding at the connection they have. The colors they were both wearing that day were pink, the women's favorite color. The embrace they share so powerful, like two hearts beating as one. 37 years ago this women didn't even let herself hear her babies cry; on this day she just looked at her as if she was just born. Like a new mother inspecting her newborn for all her fingers and toes and who she resembled most.

This is the moment. The unspeakable moment where life is seen through the miracle of creation. Where every fingerprint of God is felt and every unknown answered. That bond between a mother and child can only come from the One above. This little girl embraced this women who gave her life and honors the one who gave her a life of love, support, and values. She is this incredible girl I call my sister. She is a beautiful story of love and grace. She was chosen by God to be my sister, my parent's first born, this women's decision for a better life.

 What a difference a choice makes. What a difference a choice for life makes. Take what you want from this story, but know the joy and immense love that comes from one single decision, one single moment. Embrace it. Love it. Live it.

Nina Jones


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