An old photo from the craziness of this picture and 
the unseemingly calmness and happiness from both mom and dad!

Last night my dad dressed up for an event. He shaved, put some cologne on, put on a tie and a suit. He was looking very dapper for an event. This is where he would of loved to have Stella on his arms and spend a nice evening with his partner in life. Unfortunately we all know Stella cannot join him, so with our caregiver staying late, he kissed her good night and said I love you. And Stella replied with the word "nice". That one small glimpse where my mom shows herself; breaking through the disease that has entrapped her doesn't come around very often. But it seems to come at those pivotal moments, when we are all busy doing life. It stops us in our tracks and makes us appreciate the smallest, most important parts to life. Those four letters, that one split second, breaks through my dad's strong exterior and brings him to tears. How could he ever not be with the one he loves. I admire my dad once again for honoring his vows to a wife unable to be who she really is, but who is alive and living the best she can with this horrible disease. I love you dad; for the man I have always known you to be and for the man of even greater character you are becoming everyday. You love with your entire being and that is "nice".


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