Talented Friend

So I have a special friend, she would do anything for me. She has such a deep and open heart and she lets everyone in. She is a good girl, someone you love having in your corner. And I am so happy we have become friends through our children at school. I feel like we have known each other forever. With that said, she is also very talented! She always comes up with grand ideas and somehow I am suppose to figure out how to make them come to life! We work well together...the other day she had a project in mind and within a couple of days she made it come to life with some help from her mom. I LOVE how she turned this old book case into something so cute that her daughters will remember for years to come!
The book case...

The American Girl Closet! The drapes are pillow cases hanging on a resistant shower bar. She sanded the book case and primered it and then painted it white. She found the bins from Target and the little hot pink containers on the top shelf from the Dollar Store. The back drop to the book shelf is I believe a canvas print she bought on clearance from Carmel Kids when they went out of business. This was an inexpensive project...the dolls and all their accessories cost way more! 
Love the closet! Great job Annette!!!


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