Bang Bang Bang!

Okay so I had to share my bang experience! They are all the rage this year and I feel like everyone in the celebrity world is rockin' the favorite bang look is on Kim on the cover of Cosmo,

So in an effort to keep up with the kardashians (LOL) I wanted to see what I would look like with some bangs...of course I didn't want to cut them in case I hated them, so I went and purchased some clip on bangs from our local wig salon in town! Yes I did! I went to Kim's Wig Salon and not only did they provide an array of options from real hair to synthetic, but they even styled them for me! I went with the synthetic 20.00 clip on and although I did NOT look like a Kardashian, I did have a lot of fun out on the town with my friends! A must try! Have fun!!!
Photo: Love me some blondies
Thanks Annette (on the right) for driving all around town with me to find me some bangs and filling you purse with bobby pins and a comb to make them look authentic! LOL!!! Good times!


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