It was Good

Ran across an old photo as I was cleaning the house this evening-a rarity I know, but I needed an evening to catch up with life. Picking up things that were out of place I picked up a stack of old photos stuck together with tape. I must of taken apart a collage of memories and stashed the pictures in the yellow cabinet in my room. SOMEONE was snooping around where they shouldn't of been. I digress, there in the midst of pictures from my wedding and other special moments in my life was this picture of my mom and Niko. I think he was 2. This was when my mom would come over every morning at 6:45am to my house to take care of her boy, her first grandson, whom she would move a mountain for if she could. Every morning without complaining she would be at my home with her cappuccino from Savemart and a treat for her boy and a smile for me, followed by hugs and kisses. Sometimes she would be late, sometimes she would be tired and lay on the couch as soon as she walked in, but she was always happy to help her daughter and love on her Niko. It's tradition, expected in Greece that as a grandmother you practically raise your grandkids, so for my mom it was what she was placed on this earth to do, and she took pride it in. I remember this day at Riverpark. It was a Saturday morning in late spring, Niko loved to play in that fountain that used to be in front of the theater. She had grabbed him just before he got his feet wet and she squeezed him tight and laughed. Oh her laugh, her smile. Every Saturday, her day off, she would call in the morning and we would make plans on hanging out. Sissy, me, mom and Niko. It was that way for a long time and it was the best, absolutely the best. And tonight, in the midst of my cleaning I was taken back to that moment, that minute in life when all was good, when my mom was good, when my Saturdays were good, spent with my mom, drinking coffee, walking, talking, and laughing. It was good.


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