Sophie. The name alone brings lots of smiles to most everyone in Fresno and beyond to the other side of the world. Many people love this girl and many more call her friend. Who else has a dinner to honor her 25 closest friends every year or knows the majority of people in every restaurant in town. This girl has come into our lives and has made us better people with her presence alone. Everyone who crosses her path feels special and loved.  The ladies at the GB3 gym call her friend. The cashier at the Starbucks on Willow call her by name. Random people will stop her and say thanks for being so kind to me and my child at school yesterday. This is the type of person my sissy is...kind, thoughtful, and always going out of her way for the people she loves. And tomorrow on her birthday, I am honored to call her my sister. Not only is she my best friend, but she is the one person in my life who helps me survive this journey we call life. If mom was healthy, she would be singing her praise. What a gem our family was blessed with so many years ago (won't divulge exact years-it is her day). God chose us to be her family because He knew I needed a sissy. Some days I cannot even think with out her you sissy and all you tell me to do! I really do listen to every word you say! Happy Birthday mean the world to me! Enjoy your day...I can't wait to spoil you tomorrow!


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